Thursday, February 4, 2010


I miss my blog! I miss my facebook! Since school started, I've been neglecting these two important parts of my life: - blogging & facebooking. Owh how much I miss it. So, to let out all stolen times.

What else have I been neglecting? Owh yes, I've been neglecting myself. I have to admit (embarrasingly), I've gained a few pounds from the lack of trips for body combats at Celebrity. The intention to go is always there in my mind but the energy left in my body is just not sufficient enough. Ergh..! It's killing my self-esteem but too many things to do with so lil' time.

To make things worse, the amount and type of food I've been consuming for the past two weeks is dangerously revolting. Daily consumption of Coney Dogs at school, junk food late at nite, any form of sweet liquid down my throat, smokes through my lungs.. Should I go on?!

And not to mention the complains from my mom (and Dad) bout how I'm too busy for family now. LoL.. It's kindda funny hearing it frm my beloved Mama. I always assumed she'd be used to me busy cuz Paps' hardly home. Mama, mama... :)

After all that complaining, I still do love school. :) Can't imagine myself doing anything else rite now.

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