Wednesday, June 16, 2010


(The Singapore Flyer)

Singapore was awesome. A state country with awesome food and more awesome road signs. And i got to DRIVE all the way down from BJ to S'pore. Cool kan kan?

Anyway, the whole Azlan's were there except Awiq! He had a sinus surgery few days before so his doc said he couldn't go. (Luckyhim!)

The food was awesomely sinfully good. We had nasi campur from morning to night. Little did I know, for the next Four days I'd be having the best best putu pirings ever! I've probably gained 5 kgs from those putu pirings alone.

We when to all the touritst hotspots.

(Joo Chiat Road)

(The Night Safari)

(Orchard Road - a 4 storey Forever 21.)

(Snow City)
A whole different culture, environment and governed law separated by a bridge.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


On my sem break now and it's getting quite boring. results are coming out this Thursday. Owh God, I'm scared out of my mind.

I've gain a tad bit tembam. All that Patchi and marshmallows I've been bingeing on.

Anyway, i walked into my brother's room and saw my 13 year old sister playing Left or Dead instead on the computer. The shock on my face could not be disguised and she was GOOD at that scary zombie shooting sh*t.

I guess make-up, shopping and boys don't apply to my little sister.

memory lane.

Mute Math - Noticed


Dashboard Confessional - Stolen

Friday, June 4, 2010




Yesterday was my parents 21st Anniversary which was spent with the Nadzri's and Jim.

Thanks Kak Nad for the sweet blog. I love you and I love you more for that. Last nite was a lot of fun. The cousins, uncles and aunties, Jim, EOS 400, D40 and a G11. For a moment, i thought we were on the red carpets surrounded with papparazis but owh no, it's juz my bratty yet loving cousins.

I'll remember your advice kak Nad, take things slow with Jim.

I'm too old to be a social butterfly now. I'm content being with the Azlan's, the Nadzri's and Jim. I miss this feeling where everyone around you accepts you for who you are. Bimbo or not.