Wednesday, June 16, 2010


(The Singapore Flyer)

Singapore was awesome. A state country with awesome food and more awesome road signs. And i got to DRIVE all the way down from BJ to S'pore. Cool kan kan?

Anyway, the whole Azlan's were there except Awiq! He had a sinus surgery few days before so his doc said he couldn't go. (Luckyhim!)

The food was awesomely sinfully good. We had nasi campur from morning to night. Little did I know, for the next Four days I'd be having the best best putu pirings ever! I've probably gained 5 kgs from those putu pirings alone.

We when to all the touritst hotspots.

(Joo Chiat Road)

(The Night Safari)

(Orchard Road - a 4 storey Forever 21.)

(Snow City)
A whole different culture, environment and governed law separated by a bridge.

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