Thursday, July 1, 2010


The holiday that is, it's over. In 4 days, I'll be busy with my 3rd semester. No more nonsense, mama needs to see results!! good results! ergh! the pressure is on!

Cuti has been great. Always a little drama here and there, a little self discovery along the way and embarking on a new love life. :)

Isn't that great. But a bit dissapointed tho, no island hopping for me this sem break. Next semester maybe! Insya Allah. Duit pun takde, impian je besar.
Anyway! I'm browsing thru some pretty cute blogs (stalking!) with pretty cute wall papers and colourful writings. I guess i'd never be any more artictic than what u see on my blog. I only see black and white! (Being a law student and all, LOL)
Some pictures I wanted to share. Lv.

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