Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's been awhile.

Yeap, it has been awhile since I blogged. I have been busy, up to my neck with school work, school activities, family and friends. (the same excuse/reason all the time).
Early March, a trip to Melacca for Malaysian Debate Open --> MDO <-- and it was awesome. Probably one of the best experience of my life. The taste of independence, freedom and to a certain extent, the taste of responsibility. Instead of staying in UiTM Lendu, we ended up paying RM40 each at the hotel (inclusive of b'fast). The raided parties, the "mix & match" rooms are all part & parcel of being in a hotel for 4 days and 3 nites but the UT Mara teams were very focused and am proud to be part of them. xo.

Adjudicating, surprisingly was tiring. Listening to 6 speakers for 6 rounds, evaluating, understanding and focusing took so much of my energy but everything was all good. Meanwhile during the nite, games of Mafias & Swine cards >ZINGABALES<, trips to McD and 7Eleven. Grand dinner, bowling parties, dinner at Chief Minister's bigass home. How could that not be the greatest memories..?

Came back to more events. The No Wine & Cheese Party 2010. Lucky enough for me, I got the part for M.C. and of course, it came with the big big responsibility which means more work & more tiring nites. The BIG night was awesome tho minus a couple of drama. Talented singers, guitarist, bass players, organist. I mean the law fac was swimming with unrecognized talented peeps.

<-- Ecah, *My classmate* & Me

After some time passed, a few tests answered ridiculously and a Malay presentation presented in English, it came down to my birthday week (the end of the month). A birthday party was planned with a party planner and my beloved Makde & Uncle Ali at their home in d'Puncak. Yes, a party planner that my uncle, aunty and papa had to pay. I didn't expect it to be big but still do appreciate it. Those who came, you guys are awesome. The crowd was bigger than anyone expected, the food was awesome, the birthday cupcakes were HUGE. I mean huge, huge. and I love my cousin, Kak Nad for baking it for me, rasyad and mama. I love u, Makde, Uncle Ali, Papa, Kak Nad and Dilah (Photographer for the nite).

I may be busy and distracted, but what distracts me the most are the broken pieces I could never fix.

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