Wednesday, December 2, 2009


First blog of the month. I have been restraining myself from writing any more blogs for November, dont wanna appear any more lame as I already am. :D

Two days ago on 30th November, 12 of us BJRIANS gathered at 1130pm to celebrate my best friend's birthday in front of her house. Intan Maryam born on the 1st December 1990.

She is officially now 19 years old. YAY! *big round of applause*

but most importantly, I had fun! we all did actually. thank u for those who made it. :)

rite now I'm at the office, it's 618pm and I am officially stuck here. I can't go to gym. First reason, I didn't bring any gym clothes.
it seems I've been receiving comments on how I've been pushing myself too much at gym so I need a break. Not missing much anyway, it's Wednesday. cardio classes are BORING.

right now, the purpose of writing this blog is just to let off steam. three days straight at court listening to court submission which I find it very interesting and almost hilarious.
how lawyers can snicker at each other and so forth.
I'll get back on court life later. ----------------------------------------------------------------> now's just ranting moment.

I rase sangat shallow cuz all I can think of is to write bout my feelings. me this, me that.

macam spoiled brat. :)

excusing myself today, this is mainly to rant out and berceloteh macam takde kerja.

rite now I'm looking at a picture of the ppl I grew up with. literally have been with me since I 12 tahun sampai lah sekarang.

I may not admit to them but I do love those lot. I may go around knowing a clique of friends from here and there but without a doubt, this bunch of ppl I know since muda are the ones gonna be around when I get married later on.

I always imagine myself on my wedding day with 3 tables of those crazy bunch of ppl screaming down the house telling my husband to-be what a mistake he's doing by marrying me. bodoh, I know but mark my words. it will happen!!

these ppl are the ones I can always rely on, without a doubt in my mind I know they'll be there for good or bad and I'd never have to worry about losing em. it seems they're addicted to me or something.LOL.

I may be one of the luckier human beings on earth to be able to have great awesome friends. I mean come on, let's be realistic. do u know how many cunning lil' backstabbing bitches out there? they'd do anything to bring u down for the smallest of reasons. sungguh cacat dunia ni..

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