Sunday, December 6, 2009

City of Angels

The thought about writing this movie has been nagging in my mind for so long, I can't hold it in much longer.
every single time i watch this movie, confirm nangis.

City of Angels, a movie placed in Los Angeles where angels in black trench coats walk around the city. An angel, Seth Plates (the hot Nicholas Cage) fell in love with a no nonsense, very serious surgeon Maggie Rice (Meg Ryan).

Describing Seth:
Messenger, an ex-angel explains to Maggie (Ryan) about Seth.
"Seth knows no fear,no pain, no hunger.
He hears music in the sunrise.
But he'd give it all up. He loves you that much."

This movie is a classic. A movie where love conquers all.
I still do believe these sappy kind of stories exist in real life (minus the angel). I can't help it, how could u not fall in love with something so real and magical at the same time?

I downloaded the scripts of the movie. the movie is form by simple, straightforward conversations with full emotions. tell me who can direct this sort of thing? Only a genius can.
the simplicity of the actors, Meg Ryan without make up (or probably minimum) through out the whole movie shows how our genius here wants to portray the most honest love story a person can watch and even Cage with only and only black clothes almost through out the movie shows the director's ability to project a solemn, dark character in a beautiful angel.

the raw energy and pure love in this movie is amazing. I mean hands down, I've never seen a better love story in Hollywood after city of angels.

The thing is, these beautiful angels are so curious about human beings and their abilities. the ability to touch, to taste, to lie. it's all being discussed in the movie. their curiosity pricks on mine, why would u question all that when you're an angel.

"If you'd known this
was going to happen...
...would you have done it?

I would rather have had... breath of her hair... kiss of her mouth... touch of her hand...

...than an eternity without it.


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