Monday, November 16, 2009

first day on the job.

so rite now is my semester break. I just finished my first semester of my first year of my BLS.
and I'm already doing internship at one of the most awesomest (if there r such words) law firms in the heart of KL.

fine, it's situated in Jalan Ara, Bangsar. the firm is actually in one of those big bungalows that was turned into a business venture. it's my first day. had to really focus to give a good impression cause papa hooked me up with this job. which i thank him for. i won't be able to get this awesome job if not for him.

woke up early, 6am.. dragging my towel around the house mara2, wondering where the hell is the sun.. okay, after dah siap (which was 640am) ambil bekal makanan and went off to work..

arrived work at 730am, work starts at 830am.. the secretary there which i lupe nama introduced me to a few of my new co-workers.. it was a drag until my gorgeous boss walked in..

this guy. 6 footer, gorgeous, with english too perfect and intense stare. damn damn damn.

he called me, throw shit loads of instructions.

1. read a page on the High Court Rule. tak faham a shit.
2. get another book to help me understand better. Malaysian Court Practice.
3. get a case from that book.
4. photocopy the case.
5. highlight the obiter dicta.
6. go to kL high court.
7. back in office after 3 hours.
8. help lawyers with office work.
9 got stuck in traffic for one hour.

i think i knocked on his door 25 kali kut. hahahahaha.

that's my first day on the job. tomorrow, im expected to be in court at 9am for a huge case.. wow, excited gile..

i think i know why i love this job compared to other interns on their first day. which kindda suck sebenarnye. everyone in the office knows my dad, so they can't really bully me like they usually do. but i tak nak. i want the hardcore office work where the junior always kena bully.

no junior intern gets to go to court on the first day and i got to do it. I'm getting the privileges of a normal practicing lawyer, which suck cuz i didn't have to earn it the right way. fine fine, it's a big advantage but it makes me sound like a spoiled brat, so kali ni agak tak suke.

the office staffs are awesome, they helped me a lot. gave me directions and all.. told me what to do.. helped me through out the day..

so thats about it on my first day on the job.



  2. hey thank you.. i am having a great time now..
    happy holidays to u too.


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