Wednesday, November 11, 2009


my best friend just dropped a bombshell on me.

a mutual acquaintance of ours is getting married. Yes, marriage is apart of life but I really have to critize the timing of this.

He's only 19 years old. (and no, I'm not kidding) It's a total dissapointment on my side. not becuz I want him but I think it's a step too big to be taking at this age. he graduated from a very very prestigious high school, he was suppose to be a big shot..

FINE, I'm being very prejudice here but I can't help it. don't mind me if u have your own opinion.. if tak puas hati, u can shove it up ur ass la. sumpah tak kisah..

before i start getting really pissed off, baik i continue with my post.

I've known this person for a long long time. since I was 9 actually, (so tak leh la guna acquaintance sebenarnye, but ego) and I broke the news to mum. SHOULD HAVE SEEN HER REACTION.

let's see why I'm acting this way. first example. tengok la BRITNEY SPEARS. i mean come on, she has all the money in the world, the power in the world but she made the mistake of marrying too early and look where it got her...

K-Fed was seeing around LA flaunting superbikes and a lifestyle he didn't slaved for.

she's in rehab and hospitalized, and not to mention her life recorded by every paparazzi in hollywood. tell me... don't I have a good point lashing out rite now?

I have nothing against marriage. i wanna get married, have gorgeous kids and with a husband who loves me. but please, marriage is a huge thing.

it's not just the getting married part, its also the whole staying together in sickness or in health, during the goods and the bads.. that takes a lot of courage to do.. so at 19, you think u can handle that?

entah2 at 30, 40 or even 50 pun tak sure boleh handle those things ke tak.. fine.. i tau jodoh di tangan Tuhan, bak kate mama la.. BUT STILLLLLLLL.....
gile tak puas hati kay.

yesterday, while flipping through the day's newspaper, i came acrossed an article.

An 80 year old man killed his wife for asking for a divorce.. the wife was 79 years old. any objections here??

honestly, do you think getting married at 19 is a good idea? nowadays, people get married after they're financially stable and think they can handle the married life.

LISTEN HERE. don't get marry cuz that's your only shred of happiness after a lifetime of shitty childhood memories. it won't help ur marriage life. tolong la.. fikir la betul2 kalau nak kahwin..

it could be a lifetime of mistakes... what if things go all wrong after marriage at 19? and when u decide to get out of it, you found out she's pregnant.. hownowbrowncow?

shish kebabs.. people nowadays don't think things through anymore. jump into bad decisions and get stuck with it all their lives. *sigh*

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