Tuesday, November 10, 2009


yes, that sounds very vain. but that is what I'll be talking about for my first post..

I've had 2 blogs in the past, both deleted cuz it was full of crap and reminded me of my past..
which, kalau boleh ingin di-delete off from my memory too.

it's November, almost the end of 2009. surprisingly, this year has been the fastest, most dramatic and stressful year of my life. or maybe I'm just being a drama queen. or MAYBE i'm not. entah..

okay, let's see. I'm not going into details bout those dramatic moments and situations. takpe takpe. first, things are better now. I mean, still ade pening kiri kanan sikit over unnecessary issues butl can tolerate.

This past year, I've dealt with issues no other human being should ever go through. it hurts but it taught me a good lesson. self-respect.

first, if ure in pain.. don't stick around. i'm talking bout physically and emotionally. how much pain u asked? u'll know when your gut tells u. usually it's when u start getting all depressed all the time, thinking of hurting urself 24/7, 7/11.., and u stop onlining your facebook account..

start respecting yourself..

second chances.. amazingly, these 2 words are amazing!! haha. never thought i'd get it but I did. cheh.. typical princess. sume nak, dapat..
I blew my first chance by dengan bodohnye, threw it in the longkang. BUT after a few incidents i call fate, i got my second chance. awesome kan kan kan...

Hope was dead. until recently. remember when u were young, u imagine yourself in that princess fairytale where you live happily ever after. hah! i dapat. kena work on it, but it payed off.
at one point, I could have trade my sister for this small amount of feeling.. but lucky enough, I don't have to. yay..!!

and I'm 19. I've not been acting my age till recently cuz of school, work, a few events and ex boyfriends. jangan risau. i'm all better now. tak nak this feeling wear off.

dah.. i'm done here. toodles.

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