Sunday, November 22, 2009

5th post.

in Bangsar, suppose to be working but it seems there's no work for me today. bored out of my skull and stupid of me. didn't think of ranting out on my blog..

last weekend was surrounded by the ppL i sayang and I had a lot a lot a lot of fun. which was awesome. did something very random that even took me by surprised. went to LcCt to pick up someone at 130am with a girlfriend of mine and slept-over at that person's home. :)

at last, yesterday, a Sunday, I was able to fix my shoes.. a gorgeous black and red pair but sadly, missing their buckles. and fixed mama's handbag. yay. now, all I have to do is fix my laptop which i accidentally left it at his house. tak sengaje la..

i haven't found what topic yet to write about, so i'm going on and on, still typing and and still not sure what I'm writing about. this makes my brain feel pathetic and useless.

maybe i should write about my work experience for the last 5 days. of course, undeniably. this work is hectic except for today. wake up early, go home late and to avoid traffic, I joined the gym in Bangsar II so boleh excercise after work.

the most awesome part is that my boss, my hunky boss goes to the same gym as I do.
during our brief 'moment' in the pantry.. (sumpah i sound like a sick person.. eiwww..)

hot boss: Owh, are u going to the gym today?

me: yea, i am going. are u going during lunch?

hot boss: no, no.. I'm going after work.

me: realy? me too.. see u there after work then.

hot boss: haha. okay. (and walked out of the pantry)

me: (tengah imagine boss dalam gym clothes. haha)

it's true, what they say. writing is THERAPEUTIC. I'm much calmer now, not bored out of my skull anymore (maybe slightly), and just heaved a big sigh. LOL. i'm trying to let my thoughts flow through my fingers but it just seem to be stuck halfway..

this is a crappy post but i'm posting it anyway. :P

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