Monday, January 3, 2011

1st Day.

Today has been hectic and non stop for me. I managed to do 1000 things and still try to stay positive.

A slave to my own new year's resolution.

I took a different turn this year in making my new year's resolution. No more crappy goals like loosing weight or wearing make-up everyday. But it seems harder than I thought.

First is to stay calm and positive in most situations.
Shish. The first day on the move pun rasa macam I can't do it. It's so hard to stay calm when I have such a short temper since I was 6 years old. Not forgetting how 'patient' of a person I am.

Second is to apply for a job during my semester break. It's not so hard actually. I just have to make sure I like what I'm doing.

Third is to control my expenditure. This would probably be the hardest resolution yet. Hence, the job I need to get so I don't bust my bank balance.

Fourth would be to go for a holiday trip. Preferably to Europe. :)

So I guess that's about it. Told you there's no more crappy resolutions from me.


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