Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day.

Today, my dad, my two sisters, my youngest brother and me went for a road trip. A road trip to see my mum in Awana Genting because she has been in Awana for a few days, work purposes.

Of course, when your household does not have the "glue" to stick everyone together, like every family, my family started going crazy. we started picking on each other a lot more and our rooms get messier with each passing day.

I have no present whatsoever for tomrw, Mother's Day but I do have my loving words for her. For all it's worth, I do love my mom. How annoying, uncool and crazily crazy she could get.

For all she's been thru and being able to make it out alive, I guess she's the closest thing to a superhero. I mean, after bringing us up and tolerating total shit from her husband, which happens to be my dad. Well, all I could do is thank God for having her as a mother.

My mom constantly wears black clothes. Black blouses, black skirts, black pants. Black is only her scope of colour. This morning, she bought herself a new white blouse. Papa, my sisters and me got suspicious. LOL.

p/s: I love you, mum.


  1. black means slim...but again it can be meaned mourned. hehe anyway white...ur mom in white? serious?

  2. haha. i think she's thinking of both. slim for her, mourn for dad. hahaha..

    yes, mama in white. i pun terkejut.


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