Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I guess it's true what they say.
"If Life hands you lemons, You Make Lemonades".

And I just discovered how simple it is, to make these so called "lemonades".
"As easy as Pie" I guess.

I've been through a rough fortnight and it sucks. I have to admit that but thank you to my two awesomely good old friend and a good new friend I just discovered.

Of course, not forgetting my other good good friends in Uni and the ones hanging around BJ still.

Finals is just around the corner but I'm still blabbering in front of my iMac.

What I've learned from those two weeks of hell.

1. Heartbreaks DO NOT last forever. Like all sickness and diseases, heartbreaks get better too. No matter how long it takes. It's only a matter of choice.

2. My list of friends have multiplied by 5 since I've moved on to singlehood.

3. No matter how much a person try, people still try to take you down. and they do it hard without a second thought.

4. The only way to combat Number 3 of the list is to be yourself, be real and always mind what you say or act around other people.

5. Boyfriends are great but love yourself as a whole first then love other people. No one else completes you other than yourself.

6. If you think you need a special someone to fill up your time, think again. You and your time of your own is priority.

7. Boos, boyfriends, special persons come and go. That's how life works. Funny isn't it.

8. Keep family close at all time. Never, never, never ever bail out or walk away from Family. Life does not work that way.

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