Thursday, January 13, 2011

21 Questions.

1. How are you feeling right now? - Upset.

2. You wanna talk about it? - No!

3. What do you want to talk about? - What makes me happy.

4. What makes you happy? - Food and novels.

5. Anything else? - When I can say what I want out loud, I'm very happy.

6. What did you do today? - Bunch of productive and unproductive activities. LOL.

7. Name one productive thing? - Watched American Idol season 10. Damn, JLo is gorgeous!

8. One unproductive thing? - studying. just wouldn't get through

10. Feeling better? - A tiny bit but thanks for reminding me.

11. Who was the last person that buzzed u on your cell? - Jim Ajmal.

12. Who is that? - Currently my boyfriend.

13. Have u changed since the past 6 months? - Maybe..

14. For the better or worse? - Entah lah. u make your own judgement kay.

15. what are you scared of the most? - His mood swings.

16. Is there a scientific name for your fear? - If I made it up, would it count?

17. What's your fav quote? - For better or for worse.

18. What is the colour your closet consist of the most? - Purple and Green. :D

19. What do you need the most now? - A nice relaxing holiday. For one night pun takpe.

20. 3 most important thing in your life? - My IC, my maybank card and my phone. :D

21. Are u missing someone? - Not just one person, I miss a lot of ppl!

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