Thursday, December 9, 2010

silly me.

I can officially say I'm such a big cow to my blog. I noticed the time intervals between my posts! Posting stuff only when I feel like it or when I need to rat out. What a cow!

This blog right now is the same blog like any other. There is worry in my heart & I need to express it. Here goes...

I have this strict policy where I DO NOT, I mean, DO NOT stalk other people's facebook, twitter or blogs, BUT ONLY under certain exceptions; insecurities.
And yes, I am feeling vulnerable and insecure right this very second.

Reading those post on your facebook wall and reading her blog at once is driving me nuts. I can't even call you and hover around you shooting questions because you have futsal now. It's annoying and psychotic. (I will never change, will I)
And all those post on your facebook?! Come on, mentang-mentang status 'single'.
Somebody? Just shoot me and be done with it, if that's okay.

Life is hard as it is without the skinny ex-girlfriend and McDonald's.

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