Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One Tree Hill.

Thank goodness for my very smart and sensible Jim, he lend me his One Tree Hill CDs and I've been hooked on it since last nite just so I can keep my sanity in check.

I grew up with this TV series and I actually got to realise how much different things were back then. My 13 year old sister was so amazed by how much more content there is in One Tree Hill.

I guess all that partying, chanel handbags, booze and thick pancake make-up in series like 'gossip girls' and 90210 are just not cutting it anymore.

Stronger story lines, real friendships and a real moral benefit from every episode sounds more interesting doesn't it.

Third CD here I come.

p/s: I miss u. Why does it have to be a 14 hour flight?

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